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ART=MIND is a holistic self-awareness trajectory for artists developed by Sabrina. During this process we work on the personal development of the artist. And we explore the inner world of the person behind the artist.

Working in the music industry is intensive. A good balance between performing and taking care of yourself is important. People who work in the creative industry are three times more likely to have psychological problems. Artists often struggle with anxiety, stress-related illnesses, burnouts and mental breakdowns.

During the sessions we offer platform and insights for creating a better balance within the artist career. Through assignments, group discussions, 1 on 1 sessions and inspiring guest coaches, the artist will have enough handles at the end to continue the career from these new insights.

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The organization Diaspora Wellhouse was founded by Sabrina Starke (artist, social entrepreneur) and Irene Hin (social entrepreneur, consultant community impact).

Sabrina and Irene founded this organization in response to the increase of citizens within that diaspora who  struggle with their mental, spiritual & physical health as an effect of migration, racism & discrimination

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In 2019 Sabrina presented in collaboration with Charl Landvreugd and TENT Rotterdam an exhibition focusing on the many dimensions of identity. In addition, a cross-disciplinary public program has been organized in collaboration with HipHop House, Christine Otten, Right About Now Inc, Concrete Blossom and Music Matters.

The artists participating in the exhibition were: Jasper Niens, Antonio Guzman, Kevin Osepa, Sandim Mendes, Rasheet Vlijter, Mickael Martins Afonso & Caroline Escaffre-faure, Sara Nuytemans and Brian Elstak.

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