Together with two other Dutch singers, Giovanca and Elske DeWall, Sabrina Starke gave today surprise concerts at Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague Central Station to raise awareness of child marriages.

With their campaign #LoudAboutGirls the organisation Plan Nederland want to raise awareness of child marriages. Because every three seconds a girl is forced to marry. The consequences are dramatic: they have to quit their school and become pregnant at a very young age. This has to stop! If you text GIRLS to 4333 and donate once €1, you can win an exclusive living room concert of a well-known Dutch singer.

The Surinam singer-songwriter Sabrina Starke says: ”Investing in girls is very important and Plan Nederland does this very well. In daily life you never notice anything of the sad things that take place in developing countries. When there’s no awareness, this will continue. If you want to make a change, it starts with yourself. I teach my children for example that everybody is unique and equal.”

For more information about this topic or to support this campaign you can click here (written in Dutch).