On Wednesday the 23th of November, the singer soul-writer Sabrina Starke, will be one of the guests of The Last Poets at Paradiso Noord in Amsterdam North. Besides Sabrina, other guests will be Herman Koch, Huub van der Lubbe, Babs Gons, Christine Otten and Jörgen Tjon a Fong. Some guests will be reading some scenes aloud, from  the […]

Together with two other Dutch singers, Giovanca and Elske DeWall, Sabrina Starke gave today surprise concerts at Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague Central Station to raise awareness of child marriages. With their campaign #LoudAboutGirls the organisation Plan Nederland want to raise awareness of child marriages. Because every three seconds a girl is forced to marry. The consequences are dramatic: […]

On Sunday the 25th of September 2016, the singer-songwriter Sabrina Starke will be one of the judges during a nature festival at the park in Rotterdam. Besides Sabrina, the jury consists of other known Dutch people, like Marja van Bijsterveldt, Kees Moeliker, Jana uit Schiebroek, Marinke Steenhuis and Marc van den Tweel. This summer Natural Monuments asked children to think […]

On October 2nd, Sabrina Starke will give her very first children’s concert Open your Ears at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam. Open your Ears is especially for children from the age of 8, but everybody is welcome. She’s going to take the audience on a journey. She has chosen a couple of songs to sing and every song […]

“IMAGINE” The power of music…  “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. Maybe one day you will join us and the world will be one” -John Lennon-  It’s well known that Sabrina Starke is a dreamer, a Singer-soulwriter on a social mission. It’s her mission to use her creativity and talents […]

Two weeks ago Holland’s queen of soul ‘Sabrina Starke’ was in New York to perform her newest self-titled album, which is also her most personal one by far. Next to cheering for her in the enthusiastic crowd on her first performance at the Sidewalk Café, we managed to strike her down to talk about this swinging, […]