Sabrina Starke

Sabrina Starke
Sabrina Starke

“I want to inspire people and make them consciously think about their own life and dreams.”

– Sabrina Starke –

Every new album symbolizes a new phase in the career and life of Sabrina Starke: “Since the first album, I continuously been busy growing and developing myself. To me, an album is a reflection of the time or phase I find myself in. On each album you can hear my personal experiences, feelings, dreams, visions, opinions, and point of views.”

Her latest album ‘Sabrina Starke’, released on September 25th of 2015, is her most personal album so far. The themes she wrote about are self-awareness and dreams. Sabrina looks critically at herself and the world we live in. What you will hear are her wishes for and dreams for making this world a more beautiful place. Her decision to produce the album herself left a big mark on Sabrina’s musical development, a dream that came true for her.

Many years have past since Sabrina Starke (Paramaribo, August 9, 1979) of Rotterdam switched her steady job as youth worker, for the uncertain life of a singer-songwriter. Armed with a guitar and a unique voice, she decided to take a step forward from being a backup vocalist of a reggaeband. She went back to the essence of a singer-song writer: writing and singing songs in the purest form. Folk, Soul, and Jazz are her musical references. Amongst others, Nina Simone, Bill Withers, and Tracy Chapman are her sources of inspiration. But success did not come easily. Sabrina had come a long way before her breakthrough. After years of really hard work, she managed to build up a strong and impressive biography.

Winning the 2006 Talent Night in Amsterdam brought her to perform a show at the Apollo Theater in New York. Shortly after, she won the Music Matters Award in the Netherlands and with the money she won, she financed her self published debut album “Yellow Brick Road”. This brought her immediate succes in the Netherlands together with a hit single “Do For Love” (2008). The album was picked up by Blue Note / EMI, and was in the album charts for 52 consecutive weeks and was awarded platinum. She also received an Edison Pop award in 2008 for best new act.

Two years after the release of “Yellow Brick Road”, her second album “Bags & Suitcases” (2010) was released. The album was recorded in Miami, Florida under the watchful eye of producer Pete Wallace, who worked with superstars, such as P!nk, Herbie Hancock, and Alejandro Sanz. The same Pete Wallace also produced the album “Outside The Box”, released on June 1, 2012. “Lean on me”, the Songs of Bill Withers, was released on May 3, 2013; an album with Withers classics, which is recorded with the Metropole Orchestra, and conducted by Vince Mendoza. This album was awarded the Radio 6 Award for “Best Album” of 2013. “I’m not only flattered. I am impressed. Thank you Sabrina for lending your wonderful voice to these songs. You are gifted and a gift to the world.” – Bill Withers. In 2015, Sabrina won for the second time a Radio 6 award for “Best Single” with the song “In The Morning”.

In addition to music, her interests for socially involved projects continued to increase. In 2009, she joined One Men as ambassador. As One Men, Sabrina believes in the power of the individual and that “one men” can make a difference for many. After four years of being involved with One Men, it was time to move on to a new project.

In 2013 the “Dove Self-Esteem Program” was adopted as a top priority for her. The goal of working with “Dove” was to inspire girls to reach their maximum potential. Sabrina’s social mission is not finished. She feels she is just beginning and these projects are a pieces of a larger plan.

In November of that year, she released the song “Toss Me A Dream”. This Self Esteem Song, is about achieving your highest goals, and that you can accomplish anything you want to. Sabrina’s social mission is far from done. She feels like she just got started and that all projects are part of a big puzzle, parts of a larger plan. This is what she believes in. She will continue to devote herself to projects that stimulate personal growth, the empowerment of women and youth, self-confidence, and talent development.

Sabrina Starke is devoted to share her knowledge and inspiration though music in order to inspire people and to make them consciously think about their own life and dreams. As one of her musical heroes Nina Simone said: “An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.”

Sabrina celebrated yet another milestone with the release of her 5th and self titeled album on September 25th of 2015.



Sabrina Starke, 2015

Lean on Me – The songs of Bill Withers, 2013

Outside the Box, 2012

Bags & Suitcases, 2010

Yellow Brick Road, 2008



Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Award – Best Single, 2015

Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Award – Best Album, 2013

Edison Jazzism  – Public Price, 2009

Edison Pop – Best Newcomer, 2009


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