Sabrina Starke is a self-made, award winning singer-songwriter, producer, and self-empowerment ambassador residing in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Sabrina has won a number of prestigious awards for her soul-soothing music, including two Edison Awards (Best Newcomer of 2009 & the Edison Jazzism People’s Choice) and two Radio 6 Awards (Best Album 2013 & Best Song 2015). In less than a decade Sabrina has released 5 albums (and a multitude of singles). In 2008 she released her debut album “Yellow Brick Road” and the single ‘Do for Love’. When Blue Note picked up on it and decided to re-release the album, it stayed on the album charts for 52 consecutive weeks and became certified platinum.

2015 marked a turning-point for Sabrina. Her mission (in life) was born that year: she would devote her creative talents & music to inspire & uplift people. With the upcoming 10th anniversary of her singing-career, 2018 was a special year for Sabrina Starke. She released her sixth self-written studio-album ‘Underneath the Surface’. On april 13th she wil release an exclusive vinyl of ‘Underneath the Surface’ The vinyl contains 3 extra unreleased songs. In May 2019 she will continue part II of the UTS tour.

Armed with her guitar and a social consciousness this creative soul will continue to share her talents with the world.